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Data Integrity

The authors certify collectively that the data is collected and threated as described. The data has not been altered, changed, mixed with other data, and no intention has been made to bias the data. The results are obtained exactly as described, and the authors has not knowingly misrepresented the results.


GenEthics Trondheim has not at any point during the main survey, or during any follow-up survey, whether online or offline, stored any information that can be used to identify specific participants. This webpage does not use any cookies or any other methods for tracking specific users of the website. The data connection between the end user of the website and the hosting server is secured with SSL connection certified by Let's Encrypt SSL Authority. Please note that Google Analytics is activated on the website as to track general use behaviour.


Users may use, distribute and work on our dataset and results without prior concent. However, users are not allowed to alter, change or misrepresent our dataset or results in any way. Concent will not be given for such actions in any matter.

This webpage uses the free Bootstrap theme Freelancer licensed under a MIT License. The license can be found here.

We use graphics and images from stock providers. All external content used was upon download time free of charge for any, including commercial, use. In case of copyright infringement, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@genethicstrondheim.com.

About Us

GenEthics Trondheim is a student project emerging from the cross diciplinary course Experts in Teamwork (EiT) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. Specifically, GenEthics Trondheim is a part of the MFEL4851 The Personal Genome course superviced by Prof. Barbara van Loon.

Our group consists of six students from different master programmes; Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Cybernetics and Robotics, Energy and Environmental Studies, Exercise Physiology and Philosophy.